Mrs. Debbie Clark

November 3, 1956—May 29, 2022

We are sorry to inform our students that Mrs. Debbie Clark passed away on May 29, 2022. Mrs. Clark was a longtime Taiho-Ryu student and instructor and, along with her husband Terry, owned and operated the Sheridan, Arkansas dojo for many years. She was an inspiration to hundreds of our students and served on rank testing boards and as a referee for our club tournaments. She and Mr. Clark were solely responsible for Sensei Hardy's book, Defensive Living, being listed in the Century Martial Arts catalog in the 1990s. At the time there were only two books listed in the self-defense section of the catalog and Defensive Living was one of the two thanks to them. Defensive Living was in print for over 25 years thanks to the exposure and sales it received due to their efforts. Mrs. Clark's dedication to Taiho-Ryu was unmatched and she contributed significantly to the success of Taiho-Ryu.


Mrs. Clark with a student
Mrs. Clark and Mr. Clark