These photos, mostly dating from the 1960s and 1970s, show some of the history of Taiho-Ryu.

Pine Bluff dojo, circa 1974
Official Karate 8-74 Greene, Hardy, Demura, McRae
Official Karate 8-74 Hardy, Angelo
1967-68 -3rd from Right Hardy-OKC or Dallas Nationals
ad for the Pine Bluff Academy of Self-Defense

L B Wilson, Karate team 1970
Moore-Failla New Orleans 1972
Official Karate-1975 Yearbook
Official Karate-1975 Yearbook pg 2
Uof A Karate Team, 1970
Failla-Moore 1973

Karate Class-1973-1974-R Smith
U of A Karate Team Patches 1967-1971

1st Taiho-Ryu Friendship tournament, Pine Bluff, AR, 1971. top: GrandMaster Bob Hardin (right). bottom: Master Bob Ross (left) versus Master Benny Greene
Sue and Cliff Putman
Cliff Putman
Sensei Hardy's original black belt, which he received in 1966

first Taiho-Ryu training camp, 1988
Mid-South karate grand championship, 1973 or 1974
Benny Greene, Curtis Faust, Clayron Rasberry, Ron Turchi, circa 1975
Pine Bluff "Warrior" Group - Hundreds of trophies won by these students over the years in competition