Taiho-Ryu is a Japanese-based martial art developed by Sensei Bo Hardy in the early 1970's. While largely based on Taiho-Jutsu (the style currently used by the Japanese police force), the style itself encompasses techniques and katas (forms) from many different styles including jujitsu, kempo, taekwondo, and aikido. Taiho-Ryu also includes the study of classical martial arts weapons such as bo, tonfa, nunchaku, sai, and katana (sword).

Taiho-Ryu differs from most martial arts being offered today in the fact that it is a practical style with emphasis in what works rather than what looks good. Training centers around tradition with kata, mind and breath control, discipline, philosophy and history. Training also includes the conditioning of both mind and body, and of self-defense including defense against grabs, throws, gun and knife, and multiple person attacks.

The ranking system in Taiho-Ryu is designated by belt color, starting with white, then yellow, blue, green, purple, brown, and then the ascending degrees of black. Holders of a degree in kobujutsu (study of weapons) are designated with a red stripe on the belt. Testing is permitted when the instructor feels that the student is ready for the next rank. Generally, if a student trains hard and is regular in attendance, testing may be as often as every six to eight months, depending on the rank being obtained. There are no stripes between belts--graduation is between the colors listed above only.

The Association

The Taiho-Ryu national headquarters is located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. There are eight dojos (schools) in Arkansas and one dojo in Texas. Each Dojo has its own class schedule and students are allowed to visit other dojos.