Karate & Jujitsu

Taiho-Ryu encompasses techniques from both karate and jujitsu systems, to provide a comprehensive art readily adaptable to self-defense situations. Karate training in Taiho-Ryu includes the development of punches, strikes, blocks, kicks, and kata (forms). These techniques are taught with the emphasis on kime (focus), and the ability to deliver an effective strike with desired results.

Jujitsu training in Taiho-Ryu covers techniques such as joint locks, arm bars, sweeps, throws and takedowns, defense against grabs, choke holds, and grappling techniques. Jujitsu techniques do not require a lot of flexibility or strength, thus are readily available to all practitioners in the arts. These techniques use little energy and oxygen, and are aimed at disabling or neutralizing the attacking hand or weapon. Also, the legal ramifications of using martial arts lends credence to the versatility of jujitsu.