Taiho-Ryu Dojos

Taiho-Ryu has several dojos (schools) in Arkansas and Texas. All instructors, besides being black belts with many years of martial arts experience, are required to continue their training under Sensei Hardy and are certified on an annual basis.

Many of the instructors are active in teaching self defense and weapon neutralization tactics to law enforcement and US military organizations. In addition, all instructors are versed in the concepts developed by Sensei Hardy in his book "Defensive Living". Taiho-Ryu instructors are among the leading self defense experts in the country.


For More Information and Class Schedules

Dumas, AR

Instructor: Lloyd Downen, 5th degree black belt
Contact Sensei Downen at (870) 382-1218


Fayetteville, AR

Instructor: Bo Hardy, 10th degree black belt
Contact Sensei Hardy at 479-582-4111.

Sensei Hardy taught in Fayetteville during the 1967-1971 time period, captained and chartered the 1st University of Arkansas Karate Club during that period, and trained with several local martial artists including Wayne Davis, Sarge West, and Robert Neralich. They hosted the first Regional Karate tournament ever held in Arkansas at the University of Arkansas' old "Men's Gym". During this period, around 1970, Sensei Hardy began training with Professor Sacharnoski. Sensei Hardy became the regional director for the Jujitsu Black Belt Federation of America under Professor Sacharnoski around 1972-1973. More about Sensei Hardy's history.


Little Rock, AR


Andy Rinchuso, 6th degree black belt

Sensei Rinchuso has been training in Taiho-Ryu since 1973 and became a member of the Taiho-Ryu Hall Of Fame in 1993. He was promoted to Shodan in 1982, Nidan in 1989, Sandan in 1994, Yodan in 2004, and Godan in 2013. 501-680-1079

Steve Dixon, 5th degree black belt, 501-952-1465

Sensei Dixon received his Yodan in 2013. He joined Taiho-Ryu in December, 1993. He was awarded Shodan in 2000, Nidan in 2002, and Sandan in 2006. He began instruction in 1997 implementing a beginner's class and continues today instructing students in both beginner's and advanced classes.

Jeff Graham, 4th degree black belt, 501-831-6020

Sensei Graham joined Taiho-Ryu in 1995. He was promoted to Shodan in 2006, Nidan in 2009, and Sandan in 2013. He began training in 1995 at the age of 37, so it's never too late to begin.

The Little Rock dojo is located at 300 South Rodney Parham Road, Suite 167, Little Rock, 72205. You can get more information on the Little Rock Facebook page.

Classes are Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 6:00pm-7:15pm.


Monticello, AR


John Carson, 8th degree black belt, 870-367-9350

Sensei Carson has over twenty-five years experience in martial arts and established the Monticello dojo in 1981. Besides teaching his regular classes, he has taught self-defense and jujitsu seminars to law enforcement, self-defense for women and classes designed just for children. He is a member of the Taiho-Ryu Hall Of Fame and serves on the Taiho-Ryu Board of Directors.
Keith Williams, 4th degree black belt, 870-723-6640


Pine Bluff, AR


Sensei Colson, 3rd degree black belt
Joe Clark Jr., 4th degree black belt

The Pine Bluff dojo is located at 207 N Catalpa St. and the phone number is 870-534-8900. Pinebluff Facebook

beginners 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Monday nights
advanced students 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday nights


Sheridan, AR

Sheridan Academy of Self Defense


Kevin Rutherford, 3rd degree black belt
Don Nixon, 1st degree black belt

The Sheridan Academy of Self Defense is located at 102 W. Center Street Sheridan, AR 72150. To contact them:
870-942-4216 (message)
870-941-8504 (for enrollment and class schedule)


South Central Arkansas, Grant County, AR

Instructor: Terry Clark, 2nd degree black belt
Assistant Instructor: Jennifer Lowrey, 1st degree black belt

Terry Clark has trained in Taiho-Ryu since January of 1993. He has instructed the Sheridan dojo since the summer of 1997 up to August of 2011 when the decision was made to move the dojo outside and start training in the elements under blue skies warm or cold and the name was changed to the South Central Arkansas dojo. Mr. Clark has been a Justice of the Peace in Grant County AR. since 1987 and is the senior member of the Grant County Quorum Court. Mr. Clark was inducted into the Taiho-Ryu Hall of Fame in 2008. Ages for the new outside dojo will be 10 years old and up. Contact either MR. Clark at 870-942-4879 home, 870-883-0154 cell, or Ms. Lowrey at 870-917-9005 for class information.


Arlington, TX


Nelson Hodges, 6th degree black belt
Contact Sensei Nelson Hodges at 817-307-3800

Sensei Hodges continuously studies and has taught Taiho-Ryu since 1976. Prior to being introduced to Taiho-Ryu, he was involved in sports, boxing and other martial systems. Nelson began teaching interested students in 1989 and officially opened the DFW area dojo in 1991. He has instructed hundreds of students including personnel from the military, law enforcement, Dept. of Corrections, and government agencies, as well as many civilians. He has also taught self defense and assault prevention classes to women's groups, children's organizations, and to corporate groups. Nelson was a guest lecturer at the University of Texas - Arlington, College of Social Work, on assault prevention issues for several years. He has also taught Taiho-Ryu / Self Defense classes, as a visitor, in several other countries including Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Trinidad.

Sensei John Hodges, 3rd degree black belt



The Cost

There are no contracts.
There is an annual membership fee of $25.
Fees for classes depend on the school; contact the instructor for the current rates.

Private sessions are available. The head instructor at the dojo should be contacted for times and rates.

Rank testings are done when the student is ready for a higher belt and this is determined by the instructor. Given the comprehensiveness and intensity level of training in Taiho-Ryu, students usually test only two times a year. Test fees are $25, paid only once per rank testing, regardless of whether the student needs to retest.

Uniforms are not required for beginning students but are encouraged after a brief trial period of training. Protective equipment such as mouth guards and cups should be purchased by each student and additional equipment can be purchased at a later date.

Some sparring gear and weapons are available for use in the dojo and students are encouraged to purchase their own protective gear and weapons over time as it is needed.