Many of the Taiho-Ryu instructors are active in teaching self defense and weapon neutralization tactics to law enforcement and US military organizations. Taiho-Ryu's founder, Sensei Hardy, has personally served as a consultant for many Fortune 500 companies in the development of safety programs for employees. He also developed the first security training class for flight attendants at American Airlines and, for three years, trained one of the highest rated United States Department of Defense "Special Reaction Teams". Taiho-Ryu instructors have also been involved with preparing Crimestoppers segments for local television stations, including KATV in Little Rock.

All Taiho-Ryu instructors are versed in the concepts developed by Sensei Hardy in his book "Defensive Living". Taiho-Ryu offers seminars to martial arts organizations, law enforcement and military organizations, body guard/personal protection specialists, and the business community. Seminars are available in the areas of:

  1. Weapons neutralization (guns, knives and other weapons)
  2. Use of non-traditional weapons in personal protection and terrorist neutralization
  3. Traditional self defense (jujitsu / karate)
  4. Defensive Living concepts (business and civilian personal protection seminars)
  5. OC (pepper spray) training and certification


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